Sunday, April 13, 2003

Starting off with poetry in spite of the title of the blog - goes to show how long I stick to my decisions. I wrote this one in the morning as I woke up in my lab watching the simulation scroll down the monitor. I decided to turn towards the bright light outside and realised that I should wake up and see the morning light more often - something
people who wake up early get to do on a regular basis; as opposed to those like me that roll in breakfast with lunch.

Your love that would
Illuminate my soul,
Would alas ignite it as well.
For, even as the morning beams
Illume the dew-drops upon yon grass -
They must perish in Apollo's ardent flame.

I shun the sweet draught of thy love;
For it would intoxicate me,
And numb my waking hours.

Were this life mine to give you,
I would willingly lay it
At the altar of your love.
But to Destiny I have it pledged -
To the Call of Fate uncharted.
My heart you can keep though,
But fetter not my feet;
For I breathe no mortal Breath!