Tuesday, August 02, 2005

FOB it like it's hot

This one is via OgsandEnds.

With an attitude that recalls the aggressive attestation of Black identity in hip-hop culture, your timid FOB helpdesk guy is striking back by bear-hugging the very stereotype (see video here) that makes him a pariah in all parties except your Auntijie's Diwali party.

InAustin predicts that in the next twenty years, you'll see kids running around in leather chappals and polyester full-shirts with the top three buttons open exposing expanses of chest hair, shovelling aloo samosas by the dozen down their collective gullets and getting crunk on masala chai with extra milk. So bhaiyon, buck the trend and get a 'I Heart FOBs' tee for the lovely lovely ladies in your labs and your cubicle farms and get that FOB luv going.

Now, say OH-KAY!