Friday, March 31, 2006

What now? Eh?

What do I do now when I have nothing to waste my time on?? My productivity has peaked to such lofty heights that I have sent over 2 articles (!!) to various academic journals today itself.

Now, as I walk down the corridors of my lab, my labmates cringe as my caffeinated energy focusses so intently towards my research -- bathing my section of the lab in its intense refulgence. My B-2 pencils are blunt and my chalk-boards are all scrawled up. Sheets of copious equations scatter my desk.

Sepia Mutiny has shut down their lucrative brown-culture-assimilation-business. Because apparently, there are zillions of evil zealots that want to impede brown youth in India, the UK and the US from coalescing into a gigantic community 1) lamenting the lack of hot chicks that want to date GoodIndianBoys 2) discussing the FoB/ABCD chasm 3) continually refering to the Raj 4) cheering for MiA and 5) rightfully stamping out the scourge of spice-laden exotic (not THAT kind of exotic, pervert) literature.

Now that there is nothing for me to waste my waking hours on, what new avenue should I direct my vast intellectual capacity towards? Prestidigitation perhaps? Or possum huntin' (I AM in Texas after all)?