Sunday, August 21, 2005

New messenger of Kitsch

Yahoo Messenger's new special garam Indian beta version puts the chaat-masala back in chatting. The new audibles section gives you the Mumbai street-smart you've always wanted but were afraid to try out.

It is perhaps a fitting tribute from the creative people at Yahoo to the millions of Yahoo users in India. Neville Taraporewalla, Country GM, Yahoo! India talks to the IOA and says:

We have put our revenue streams right within our Indian operations through multiple business units. Now, we are working towards localisation of content and features. For example, the recent Beta launch of the Yahoo! India Messenger in India has seen Indian localised audibles in the Hindi language. This will be followed by Indian avatars and some other efforts towards localising our communication products like Mail & Messenger into different languages.

My favourite desi-dialogue is the classic Sholay reference:

Yeh chat mujhse kar le thakuuuur!
An obvious miss on Yahoo! India's part:

Shammi Kapoor flailing his arms wildly in snowy Shimla as he tries to woo Saira Banu with the definitively swinging 60's track:

Yahoo! Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe!

My childhood, alas, was lacking in the Bollywood experience since my parents were afraid to expose us to the "meri pant bhi sexy" subculture. We watched the movies that were raging when my parents were teenagers. As a result, a lot of the really cool bhai-type movies were censored off our viewing list till I went to college.

You, gentle reader, are therefore encouraged to send in your ideas of really cool filmy dialogues that would fit in well as Yahoo! audibles.