Friday, September 30, 2005

Another one today

When I arrived here, she was far past the midnight of her birth.She'd done it all these 33 years into ripe maturity. - teenage idealism, torrential adolescent squabbles with her siblings, romances with revolutionaries. Like her, we mid-life's children learnt the value of a stable bank balance and grew too wary to fall in love.


55 Fiction - Every Friday

In the summer afternoon quiet, he helped the Ashramites collect the white cotton towels drying on the line. Bathing with his clothes on today, out on the mossy stones next to the well, with the rest, he had missed being perfectly naked in her tub with the door closed to the world outside, with her.

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For those that are wondering what this is about. Look here for the hottest literary meme on the net. And I don't even like the word meme.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


This one was typed with RocketPost, which is the new Windows based blog-editor RocketPost, which is the new Windows based blog-editorfrom mutineer Manish Vij's software behemoth Anconia. That explains the cool new formatting options that I have now. Also, since I will no longer lose posts because my wireless connection flaps, it is likelier that I will post more often. And perhaps with somewhat greater clarity.

Congratulations to RocketPost!