Friday, March 31, 2006

What now? Eh?

What do I do now when I have nothing to waste my time on?? My productivity has peaked to such lofty heights that I have sent over 2 articles (!!) to various academic journals today itself.

Now, as I walk down the corridors of my lab, my labmates cringe as my caffeinated energy focusses so intently towards my research -- bathing my section of the lab in its intense refulgence. My B-2 pencils are blunt and my chalk-boards are all scrawled up. Sheets of copious equations scatter my desk.

Sepia Mutiny has shut down their lucrative brown-culture-assimilation-business. Because apparently, there are zillions of evil zealots that want to impede brown youth in India, the UK and the US from coalescing into a gigantic community 1) lamenting the lack of hot chicks that want to date GoodIndianBoys 2) discussing the FoB/ABCD chasm 3) continually refering to the Raj 4) cheering for MiA and 5) rightfully stamping out the scourge of spice-laden exotic (not THAT kind of exotic, pervert) literature.

Now that there is nothing for me to waste my waking hours on, what new avenue should I direct my vast intellectual capacity towards? Prestidigitation perhaps? Or possum huntin' (I AM in Texas after all)?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday 55

All evening he'd wondered how it would be to touch that skin, run his hands through her hair. They'd touched knees beneath the small bistro table. And they'd both decided that they didn't want dessert.

He drove up to her kerbside. They held glances for seconds together -- it was easy, effortless. Unawkward.